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TV Movies

Athletic Affairs

Angels – A Love Story

American Love, An

All for my children

Alisea and the dream prince

Agatha & Ulysses

Title Original Title Genre Seasons Tot. Eps. Year
Athletic Affairs PALESTRA (LA) Comedy 1x90' 02
Angels – A Love Story ANGELI - UNA STORIA D'AMORE Sentimental 1x100' 13
American Love, An AMORE AMERICANO (UN) Sentimental 1x110' 92
All for my children RIVOGLIO I MIEI FIGLI Drama 1x100' 03
Alisea and the dream prince SORELLINA E IL PRINCIPE DEL SOGNO Fantasy 1x100' 95
Agatha & Ulysses Agata & Ulisse Comedy 1x100' 10
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