Natural and legal persons interested in obtaining authorization to use excerpts (“Footage”) of the audiovisual content owned by RTI S.p.a. or other companies pertaining to the Mediaset Group (“Mediaset Group“) are required to address their request to the following email addresses::

Drama series and Feature Film:




The economic conditions requested by Mediaset Group will depend, among other considerations, on the following parameters:

1) genre  of the Footage (news, entertainment, TV series, cinematographic works, sports, etc.);

2) Length of the Footage (conventionally measured in seconds, minutes or fractions of a minute depending on the type of requested);

3) license period and number of requested runs;

4) territory in which the Footage shall be exploited ;

5) Purposes and destination of the Footage requested (publication on a specific platform or service, packaging of new audiovisual products of the entertainment genre, news, sports, cinema, etc.)

6) media and means of exploitation (linear TV, VOD; SVOD, TVOD, Internet platforms, theatrical, videogame, other).

The economic conditions requested may differ for the Footage that Mediaset Group considers as “premium”, with respect to which  Mediaset Group reserves the right to fix the relevant consideration at its own discretion; In any case the licensing of the “premium” Footage is subject to Mediaset Group’s  prior written approval.

Mediaset Group reserves the  right not to authorize – for any reason whatsoever– the exploitation of the Footage by third parties when the purpose for which Footage is requested may  potentially cause prejudice to its and/or third party interests and/or, image and/or reputation and/or /business activity.

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