Angels – A Love Story

TV Movies

  • Genre: Sentimental
  • Total episodes: 1x100'
  • Original title: ANGELI - UNA STORIA D'AMORE
  • Year: 2013


Claudio is a forty-year old who enjoys having money and easily moves from one girl to another without ever having really known what it means to be in love and to give of yourself selflessly. He has no idea that soon he will have to come to terms with the love he feels for Luisa: the only woman with whom he is so taken that he is willing to sacrifice his own life to save hers without a second thought.
And he doesn’t know that, from up above, he has been chosen as the ideal candidate to become an angel! Between anger and disbelief, Claudio agrees to the training period, under the guidance of his angelical mentor Uriel. It is only after he has saved three souls that he can make the choice to either become an angel or return to being a man. Therefore, his choices are to love Luisa without ever being able to have her or to lose her and forget her forever …

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  • Directed by: STEFANO REALI
  • Produced by: CASANOVA
  • HD: Yes
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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