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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Total episodes: 1x100'
  • Original title: AMORE DI STREGA (UN)
  • Year: 2008


On her 30th birthday, Carlotta, a sweet and romantic wedding planner, catches her fiancé with his lover and decides to leave him. Depressed and dejected, she goes to Le Beau Marriage agency, which she runs with her mother Emma. On that same day, a bizarre and mysterious middle-aged man starts following her, and she is hit by lightning.
Then Carlotta meets Riccardo, a charming but cynical and irritating manager her mother hired temporarily to solve the agency’s financial problems. Riccardo is Carlotta’s exact opposite: she is loving and somehow goofy, he is stiff and arrogant. Carlotta, annoyed by his scheming presence, starts wishing him a series of misfortunes and surprisingly finds out that, magically, her wishes come true.
Shocked, she asks her mother for an explanation. In fact, the bizarre man who was following her is Vlad, Emma’s ex-husband and Carlotta’s father. He is responsible for Carlotta’s new powers. Carlotta had always thought that her father had died when she was still a baby.
While Riccardo solves the agency’s problems, the cooperation with Carlotta will soon turn into love and Riccardo will leave his fiancée, Polissena, just to be with her. Even the love between Emma and Vlad is back, but Gianpietro, Emma’s current partner, seems not to be willing to leave the fight.
Riccardo decides to surprise Carlotta with an unexpected visit and finds out that she is a witch. He starts believing that he has fallen in love with her under the effect of witchcraft and decides to go back to Polissena and marry her. In order to grant full happiness to the man she loves, Carlotta is ready to give up on him. In fact, she will ask Emma and Vlad to cast a spell on Riccardo to make him forget he ever loved her. But will a spell be able to cancel their love, forever?

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  • Directed by: ANGELO LONGONI
  • Produced by: IMMAGINE E CINEMA S.r.l.
  • HD: No
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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