The Secrets of Borgo Larici


  • Genre: Drama, Costume
  • Total episodes: 14x40'
  • Original title: SEGRETI DI BORGO LARICI (I)
  • Year: 2013


Piedmont, 1922. Borgo Larici is a quiet and orderly place, where the men work in the textile factory and their wives take care of raising the future generations of factory workers. It all seems so perfect, but things are about to change dramatically. The backlash of the social unrest that will revolutionize Italy is about to arrive here. For factory owner Giulio Sormani, trying to hold off the workers’ demands becomes more and more complicated. To confuse matters further is the unexpected arrival of Giulio’s son, Francesco, who had preferred car racing and life in Paris to the commitment of running the family factory. He rushes to the village after receiving an anonymous letter which says that his mother Margherita, known to have officially committed suicide 23 years ago, is in fact still alive. Young Sormani wants to get to the bottom of this, but another mystery quickly pops up. The lifeless body of his father, Giulio, is found in the factory the evening after his arrival. Following this blow, Francesco is even more determined to stay in the town and find the truth about Margherita’s disappearance and Giulio’s death. The investigation proves long and complicated, but then the town’s beautiful schoolteacher Anita, steps in to help him. For them it’s a case of instant attraction, but their different social backgrounds may prove to be insurmountable. To further drive a wedge between them, there’s Giovanni Sormani: Francesco’s grandfather and the town’s bigwig. Stone-faced and void of any expression of emotion, Giovanni will do everything he can to prevent Francesco’s determination and Anita’s intuitions from uncovering the terrible secrets which lie within Borgo Larici.

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  • Directed by: ALESSANDRO CAPONE
  • Produced by: LEADER FILM COMPANY
  • HD: Yes
  • Other Version: 7x80' or 6x100'
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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