TF45 Friendly Fire – Hero for Love


  • Genre: Action, Drama, Espionage
  • Total episodes: 8x90'
  • Original title: FUOCO AMICO - TF45 - EROE PER AMORE
  • Year: 2015


Herat, Afghanistan.
Captain Enea De Santis is the leader of an elite Italian unit, the Task Force 45.
During one of the operations, Enea meets Samira, a young and beautiful Afghan woman. The girl works at one of the Recovery hospitals – a non-profit organization which was founded by Romeo de Santis, Enea's father and mentor to Samira. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances three years before. Since then, Enea has been persistently looking for the truth behind his disappearance. Despite their profound cultural differences, Enea and Samira find themselves involved in a tender love affair, which overwhelms them, promising a bright and happy future for the both of them. While trying to piece together his father's life before he disappeared, Enea and his men find themselves involved in a conspiracy led by unscrupulous speculators, terrorists and covert operations agents.
The group of soldiers embarks on a journey in search of the truth and justice which finds them up against a harsh and painful reality, where cruelty and human greed has no limits and where even innocent children become trading commodities. The stakes are high and even the Secret Service bear their share of the responsibility.
The love story between Enea and Samira isn't all it seems and the captain will have to come to terms with his lover's past, her roots and the truth behind her intentions. There is a price to pay, and it is one of sacrifice and heroism.

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  • Directed by: B. CATENA, R. MOSCA
  • Produced by: RB PRODUZIONI S.r.l.
  • HD: Yes
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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