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  • Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Family
  • Total episodes: 12x100'
  • Original title: STAGIONI DEL CUORE (LE)
  • Year: 2004


The story begins on the eve of the second world war and follows the fortunes and misfortunes of the Castelli family, important industrialists. Claudia, the daughter, has fallen for Gianni, son of a blue-collar worker, but Claudia’s father arranges for the boy to be called up to military service hoping to cool the passion between the two.
Following damage to the factory by air raids, the business is on the edge of ruin, but Claudia has met Sergio, who manages to save the family business from ruin. Although still in love with Gianni, who has changed after his return from the war and rejects her, Claudia is forced to follow her father’s wishes and marry Sergio when she finds her father about to attempt suicide after the death of her mother.
“The seasons of the heart” tells the story of two people made for each other, who are unrelentingly separated by events out of their control, which change them.
Claudia must face the road of independence and autonomy, a woman forced to find her place in changing times outside the usual family role. Only then, free of their respective roles, may they find true happiness.
But it is Gianni who will be the real villian of the story, returning like a ghost to oppose the love of Sergio and Claudia.
And the story continues, with their daughter, Emma, who must face the problems of adolescence during the 1960’s, a difficult period for an upper middle class child in front of an era of youthful rebellion. Until one day, she meets a fasctinating and restless young man, son of a mysterious father.....
This story follows the lives and families of the characters in a period wrought with sudden change. A genuine social commentary on life and growing up during a period spanning 30 years of Italian history, from the reconstruction after the war years, the boom years, the first workers movements and the sharpening of social struggle.

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  • Produced by: MEDIATRADE
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 7x80'
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