Mall (The) – Powerful Secrets

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  • Genre: Sentimental, Family, Drama
  • Seasons: 8 - (From the 8th season the title is changed to
  • Total episodes: 1.540x30'
  • Original title: CENTOVETRINE XV
  • Year: 2014


Twice awarded Best Italian Soap Opera, The Mall becomes “Powerful Secrets”, more glamorous than ever.
Memorable old characters and intriguing new entries will engage in ruthless struggles for power and dangerous liaisons.
Huge economic interests around the lucrative holding and family ties collide, while passion always leads the game.
Mysteries to disclose hide shocking truths, and when a shameful secret is revealed, nothing will ever be the same…
They all have one ambition: live everyday with passion as if it were their last!
But watch out… their stories are extremely addictive!

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Additional info

  • Produced by: MEDIAVIVERE
  • HD: No
  • Note:

    Sequel of the 8th season of "The Mall"

    1° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    2° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    3° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    4° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    5° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    6° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    7° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    8° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    9° Season: 230x25’ (4:3)
    10° Season: 230x25’ (4:3 first 60 eps) + (16:9 the next 170)
    11° Season: 232x25’ (16:9)
    12° Season: 228x25’ (16:9)
    13° Season: 174x25’ (16:9)
    14° Season: 192x25’ (HD)
    15° Season: 192x25’ (HD)

    From the 8th season the title is changed to "POWERFUL SECRETS" in HD

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