Not my Son


  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
  • Total episodes: 8x80'
  • Original title: NON E' STATO MIO FIGLIO
  • Year: 2015


They were a family just like any other, with the usual underlying tensions and petty jealousies, but when the suicide of Andrea's niece turns into murder charge against him, it is clear that someone is plotting against them.
In order to defend her son's innocence at all costs, a courageous mother will stop at nothing to clear his name and save her family from ruin.
Sentimental intrigue, power struggles and a stream of plot twists will make you hold your breath until the end.

Additional info

  • Directed by: L.Parisi, A.Inturri
  • Produced by: ARES FILM S.r.l.
  • Cast: Stefania Sandrelli - Gabriel Garko - Adua Del Vesco - Massimiliano Morra - Aurore Erguy - Bruno Eyron - Giorgio Lupano - Roberta Giarrusso - Eric Roberts
  • HD: Yes
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