Mini Series

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Total episodes: 2x100'
  • Original title: FESTA DI CAPODANNO
  • Year: 1988


Bruno Borghi (Johnny Dorelli) is a happy piano bar pianist in Milan, and hasn’t a worry in the world. Even his love life runs out without complications. He has a “sporting” relationship with a model, Cinzia and her six year old son Max.
Everything changes on New Year’s Eve when he meets Barbara (Eleonora Giorgi), wife of the powerful industrialist Roberto Maggesi (Paolo Bonacelli) who is a cold, cynical workaholic. Not surprisingly she falls totally overboard for Bruno, Cinzia jealous, tells Maggesi who sets a detective to follow the lovers. He arranges for Bruno to be beaten up. Barbara leaves her husband and goes to live with him in his old house on the Naviglio Canal. Maggesi cannot accept this and gets Bruno fired from the piano bar and prevents him from working anywhere else. When Barbara confronts him , Maggesi confesses his love for her and confesses he can’t live without her. Bruno returns to his “piano bar” life and meets Laura, a recording manager who suggests he makes a record. He hesitates, but then accepts and becomes very involved in his work to the exclusion of Barbara. She decides to return to her husband. As Bruno is finally recording his song, Laura receives a phone call from Maggeri to stop the recording. He rushes angrily to Maggeri’s house to find that he is leaving for Tokyo with Barbara. She again threatens to leave her husband if he tries to stop Bruno’s recording. But Bruno realizes that the man loves her more than he does and persuades her to leave with her husband.

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  • Directed by: PIERO SCHIVAZAPPA
  • Produced by: RETEITALIA
  • HD: No
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