Murder of a General

Mini Series

  • Genre: Drama, Mafia, True Story
  • Total episodes: 4x50'
  • Original title: GENERALE DALLA CHIESA (IL)
  • Year: 2007


On September 3rd, 1982, the Prefect Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa was killed by the Mafia together with his police escort Domenico Russo and his young wife Emanuela Setti Carraro.
The two part miniseries allows us to relive the last eight years of this extraordinary servant of the State. From the years of terrorism when, in 1974, General dalla Chiesa is sent to the North of Italy to fight against terrorism, to 1982 when, appointed Prefect and transferred to Sicily, he begins his battle against the Mafia, a battle which, after just 100 days, will lead him to his death.
A symbolic death, which indelibly left in the minds of people the image of the new Corleonese Mafia, extremely violent and subversive, which precisely during those years was consolidating its power.
The story offers an intrigue between the public and private, also narrating the sentimental life of the General and his deep faith in family ties: doting father, attentive husband with his beloved wife Dora who suddenly left him a widower. And lastly, we meet Emanuela the young woman who partly filled his solitude and, after just 55 days of marriage, was a victim with him of the barbaric Mafia ambush.

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  • Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
  • Produced by: RTI, Mediavivere
  • Cast: Giancarlo Giannini, Stefania Sandrelli, Francesca Cavallin, Chiara Mastalli, Milena Mancini, Marco Vivio
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 2x100'
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