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Mr. Mom


  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Seasons: 3
  • Total episodes: 60x30'
  • Original title: Mammo (Il)
  • Years: 2004-2006


"Mom", alias Silvano Zerbi is a man who, right in the midst of middle age, due to various ups and downs, finds himself bringing up 3 adorable but extremely lively children: Raffaella, known as Raffa, 16 years old, Luca 12 years old and the smallest member of the household, Linda, 6 years old.
Different generations with different problems and needs who seek from their "mom", advice, help and complicity.
Silvano, comic strip designer by night and mother by day, is helped during the stormy family management by a somewhat special neighbour, Patricia Gonzales.
Young revelation of the famous Italian soap opera Arena, Patty is a star on the ascent who having removed the guise of great actress, seeks refuge with her floor neighbours with the excuse of keeping undesirable photographers and journalists at bay, but with the not even very well conceal intention of finding a bit of normality within a family which is “extraordinarily normal”.
Pierpa, business partner and old friend of Silvano’s, is a routine guest in the Zerbi household. Due to vanity and tightfistedness, Pierpa involves Silvano in countless activities with a ruinous outcome, including the one were she forces her poor partner to get engaged to Giada, the ugly daughter of their publisher.
The everyday problems which such a singular family must face, offer a cue for creating a series of amusing and comical situations, characterized by amiable and surreal comedy. Not only a sketch pace for “Mr. Mum”, each episode in fact contains a moment for reflection, a sort of heartfelt moment, where the characters, in search of a small moral in the story, abandon the goliardic atmosphere in order to leave room for deeper feelings and values.

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