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Meet Your Local Priest


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Seasons: 3
  • Total episodes: 60 x 30'
  • Original title: DON LUCA & DON LUCA C'E'
  • Years: 2000-2008


Don Luca is the new priest of a small parish in the outskirts of a large city.
Enthusiastic and full of projects, Don Luca already sees himself as guiding a large and vital flock … what a shame that the flock he finds is not so large, and – above all else – nearly all his parishioners have a walking stick and false teeth!
There is not even a shadow of any youngsters in his new parish. All kids hate the inflexible school teacher Laura and prefer to laze about at Angelo’s bar, which is located right in front of the church…
But Don Luca refuses to give up and accepts the challenge: he will manage to win over the kids… thus begins his “mission impossible”!
This is the scenario in which the relationships between the candid parish priest, always exuberant and a little naive, and the individuals he finds himself living with, will mingle. A cranky and conservative school teacher; a genuine and anticlerical bar owner; the clumsy Crocefisso and a group of kids, between 15 and 18 years old, who, like anyone at that age, are just trying to grow up...

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  • Directed by: DUCCIO FORZANO
  • HD: No
Available languages:
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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