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Married at Last

TV Movies

  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Total episodes: 1x100'
  • Original title: Vado e Torno
  • Year: 1997


As, beautiful, extrovert Nicoletta is being driven to her wedding, she prevents an attempt to assassinate Mafia boss Bondano, but leaves her heartbroken fiancé Filippo and his mother waiting in front of the church. Despite the advice of Joe Pesci, an old burglar who has been looking after Nicoletta like a father since her parents died, she joins forces with Bondano to solve a complicated case involving valuable diamonds. Nicoletta goes to Nice with Antonio, Bondano’s right-hand man, to meet Marseilles boss “La Rochelle”. It so happens that Filippo, a journalist on a women’s weekly, has to go to Nice the same time on business, accompanied by his colleague and new girlfriend, Allegra Sotis. After series of complicated and amusing adventures, Nicoletta, Filippo, Allegra, and Antonio are all taken hostage by La Rochelle, who hopes that Bondano will give him the diamonds…

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  • Directed by: VITTORIO SINDONI
  • Produced by: MEDIASET
  • HD: No
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