Make yourself up!

Life Style

  • Genre: Lifestyle
  • Seasons: 4
  • Total episodes: 120x20'
  • Original title: CHE TRUCCO!
  • Year: 2012


Make Yourself Up! teaches women makeup secrets which can be adapted to any given situation by illustrating techniques, methods and the products used to enhance female beauty and play around with different looks.
Each episode will be devoted to a different makeup style: the makeup artist will show you how to create looks that can be adapted for several situations and occasions: from the office to summer makeup and from makeup for a job interview to a look you can create in only five minutes. The makeup artist will give viewers tips on how to tackle physical traits such as hiding a big nose or thin lips as well as suggesting the best solutions determined by skin type, hair and eye color.
In Make Yourself Up! the makeup artist will only makeup half the woman's face. It is then up to the woman to achieve the same effect on the other half of her face in order to find out if she will be able to do it by herself.

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Also available as FORMAT

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