Life Style

  • Genre: Home Design
  • Total episodes: 8x50'
  • Original title: VIENI A VIVERE CON ME
  • Year: 2013


A young couple is ready to make the next important step towards ‘growing up’ by moving in together. But there are several problems that complicate their decision like: Which house to choose? His or Her? How to furnish it? What to throw away? What kind of problems will this young couple have to face?
An architect, Giulia, and a life coach, Micol, will come to their rescue. These experts will give their help and advice in the process and help the protagonists to take this important step in their lives.
In each episode, one of the two will have sacrifice 3 objects that the other absolutely cannot stand. This act of love will be the official ‘go’ for the remodeling project developed by the architect. Once it’s done the young couple will have a beautiful home to start their new lives together.
The transformation provides opportunities for the experts to give make-over tips. Once completed the viewing public can see before and after photos of the various spaces.

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  • Produced by: DueB Srl
  • HD: No
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Also available as FORMAT

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