Italian cooking presto

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  • Genre: Cooking Show
  • Seasons: 8
  • Total episodes: 631x12'
  • Original title: Cotto e Mangiato
  • Years: 2009-2018


In a few minutes and with just a few euros, our hostess will give you great ideas for simple and tasty traditional Italian dishes. From starters to desserts, everything is made with passion and hey presto you can really impress your family or your guests with many of these quick and easy meals.
Our hostess is a busy working mother who is not willing to go without the joy of a tasty dish. Every day, live from her own kitchen, she will reveal easy to make recipes which are sure to be a success.
This show is dedicated to women(and men) who don’t have time to cook or to plan meals in advance but who still are not willing to go without the pleasures of good food.
The formula of Italian Cooking Presto has never been more up-todate.
Easy; fast and healthy recipes which will not take all day to make and will not break the bank.

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  • HD: No
  • Note:

    Season 1: 87x12'
    Season 2: 55x10'
    Season 3: 50x10'
    Season 4: 35x11'
    Season 5: 84x13'
    Season 6: 115x12'
    Season 7: 108x13'
    Season 8: 97x13'

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