Guerrilla Gardeners

Life Style

  • Genre: Lifestyle, Game Show
  • Total episodes: 12x50'
  • Original title: Guerrilla Gardeners
  • Year: 2017


Flowers, trees, plants and gardens: the challenge is open!
Guerrilla Gardeners is the game show where couples of ordinary people, transformed into true amateur gardeners, face many guerrillas, which are exciting challenges that test their skills and technique.
Guerrilla Gardeners is not only one of the few programs dedicated to the “green world” on TV, but is the only one to talk about these topics, using the language of game and entertainment, enabling to reach not only a small audience, but also a bigger one of potential buyers.
The format is structured to be the natural environment in which the products of the compartment can be told and shown in action; specific brand integrations have been studied to meet every need of the companies in the industry, starting with the e-commerce.
In a full narrative coherence, Guerrilla Gardeners can show the characteristics of the products, even the most difficult to communicate, such as a compact irrigation cane that gets extended by water pressure and with special features, revealed from time to time, such as the jet metering.
Every challenge has a request to meet and someone to be dedicated to, as a surprise.
The final result will be judged by a domain expert and by the one who the surprise is for. Once the choice is made, the score is updated and a new challenge begins.
There’s no rest for our gardeners.
They must run…They must dig… and take right decisions in a short time.
Their mission is to collect points for the final guerrilla, in which they could suddenly have to set up, in a few hours, an entire wedding!

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  • Produced by: PRODOTTO SRL
  • Cast: Anna Lisa Mandolini
  • HD: Yes
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Also available as FORMAT

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