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Gambling Fever

Mini Series

  • Genre: Police, Drama
  • Original title: Donne in gioco
  • Year: 2012


Olivia Cosmo is a police officer, as well as a wife and mother, who decides to help Natasha: an Eastern European girl who has thrown her life away on the gaming table and whose addiction for gambling has even seen her gone as far as to selling her body in order to feed her addiction. Olivia cannot turn a blind eye to Natasha’s cry for help, nor of all the others’ who, like her, are afflicted with the disease which is gambling. So, she decides to infiltrate the underground gambling rings in order to overthrow them. In the course of her investigation, Olivia discovers that the gambling rings are run by a mafia boss and she will stop at nothing in order to arrest him; even putting aside the needs of her family – who, up till now, have been her only real priority in life. The line between the investigation and the addiction to gambling becomes blurred as Olivia falls victim to the very beast she is fighting against: even going as far as to using her own savings, without anyone knowing, in order to keep the investigation going. Alone, and on the brink of an abyss, she will have to face the ultimate, terrible test which will bring her face to face with her demons and her darkest fears…

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  • Directed by: MICHELLE BONEV
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 2x100
Available languages:

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