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Mini Series

  • Genre: Drama, True Story
  • Total episodes: 2x110'
  • Original title: Liberi di giocare
  • Year: 2007


Silvia, the governor of a well-known prison, intends to use football and the championship for providing the inmates with hope, an incentive for attempting a kind of "re-education" and invites Stefano, a well-known ex-footballer and brother of one of the inmates, to form and train a team of prisoners.
Gaining their esteem and trust will not be easy, but Stefano decides to accept the challenge.
Thanks to Silvia’s resourcefulness and the technical and humane solutions which Stefano will find for turning the prisoners into a genuine team, the group will become strong and united, first of all achieving victory against the team of prison officers and in conclusion the incredible victory of the championship.
The great rivalry between the two brothers, which from behind the walls of the family home transfers onto the football pitch, provides the backdrop for this incredible and true story.
The reconciliation between the two is far from easy and the trainer will be accused of dealing drugs within the prison, an accusation which will subsequently turn out to be unfounded. The other brother and inmate will manage to kick his drug habit which he was a slave to and resume relations with his adored daughter.

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  • Directed by: Francesco Miccichè
  • Produced by: Roberto Sessa, Enzo Tarquini
  • Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Isabella Ferrari
  • HD: No
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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