• Genre: Docu-Reality
  • Seasons: 16
  • Total episodes: 160x50'
  • Original title: Donnavventura
  • Years: 2001-2017


Donnavventura is a unique docu-reality show featuring both passion for travel and the experience of working in a TVshow. A hundred days moving around different countries, but it is not your usual trip! Eight young women form a team with one mission: to report from unexplored corners of the world. Exotic locations, unspoilt destinations and unknown cultures, from the Sahara to the Amazon, from Patagonia to Morocco, from Australia to the Orient, DonnAvventura explores the world like it has never been explored before. To be a part of this amazing team participants must be photographers, journalists, excellent drivers, other than being an active part of the TV production. They must be ready to explore and… to handle any kind of unpredictable situation. After this challenging experience they will report back to the world’s most important publications where they will write not only about their experiences but also about their deepest thoughts and feelings, their greatest challenges and the discoveries they made along the way. DonnaAvventura: the fairytale ends, the adventure begins.
Spin-off Donnavventura Challenge

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  • Produced by: Maurizio Rossi
  • HD: Yes
  • Note:


    * 2016 - 12p "IL MONDO DI DONNAVVENTURA" (Emirati Arabi, Thailandia, Singapore, Parigi,California, Polinesia francese e Tokyo Giappone)
    * 2015 - 14p "GRAN RAID DEL CARIBE"
    (Messico, Centro America, Panama e Isole San Blas, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Turk & Caicos, Bahamas e Cuba)
    * 2014 - 12p "GRAND RAID ATLANTICO"
    (Milano, Costa Azzurra, Spagna, Portogallo, Gibilterra, Marocco e Isole di Capo Verde)
    * 2013 - 10p "COAST TO COAST USA"
    (Coast to Coast USA, Route66 & Hawaii)
    * 2012 - 10p "PATAGONIA & PACIFICO"
    (Patagonia Cilena & Argentina, Polinesia Francese, FIjii, Nuova Caledonia & Isola di Pasqua)
    * 2011 - 10p "MADAGASCAR & OCEANO INDIANO"
    (Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Kenya, Dubai,Oman & Maldive)

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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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