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Bella, ricca, lieve difetto fisico, cerca anima gemella


  • Genre: Comedy, Soft Erotic
  • Total episodes: 1x85'
  • Original title: Bella, ricca, lieve difetto fisico, cerca anima gemella
  • Year: 1973


Michele, Neapolitan husband of Rosaria, swindles rich widows by placing ads. Having astutely swindled Sicilian widow Teresa, he is obliged to flee when he realizes she comes from a family of werewolves. An unpleasant defect of another target and other circumstances drive him hastily away, without "profit". Then, Michele falls for the striking Paola. For her, he overcomes the obstacle of a furious group of feminists and steals in the hospice for the elderly where her father is. Paola, affected by crypto-hermaphroditism, hastens a surgical operation in Switzerland: she becomes a he, goes to live with Rosaria, while Michele ends up in prison. Two years on, once again free, Michele finds an unpleasant surprise waiting for him….

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  • Directed by: NANDO CICERO
  • HD: No
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