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  • Genre: Drama
  • Total episodes: 12x50'
  • Original title: CRIMINI BIANCHI
  • Year: 2008


Behind a tragic event caused by health service inefficiency there is often a mystery to be discovered and a falsehood to be revealed. But there are also health professionals ready to stake it all, going against the powerful lobbies of their sector, to get to the truth.
Luca Leoni is a young and promising heart surgeon who, due to a car accident, can no longer operate. His best friend is the lawyer Claudio Bruni, 40 years old, his ethics forbid him to break the rules, even for a good purpose. Claudio performs the legal side, but above all else tries to keep Luca’s intemperance and impulsiveness under control. They are joined by Francesca Corona, 32 year-old gynaecologist who works in the emergency unit. She is endowed with a strong practical sense and the ability to establish intimate and deep-seated contact with people.
Together they form a non-profit association which helps all those (patients, relatives, doctors) who have suffered an injury or injustice due to the inefficiency of the health service - and who often, too often, do not know where to turn to enforce their rights or simply to obtain explanations.
Our team follows each case from the initial complaint of the injured party and investigates through the study of medical files, appraisals, autopsies… but they also uncover the favourable and unfavourable sides of the individuals involved, interpreting the psychology and investigating into their private lives. Each scientific diagnosis also becomes an emotional journey for our characters: doubt, uncertainty, suspicion, surge in the midst of powerful elements like pain, bereavement, regret, arrogance, falsehood, corruption, blackmail.

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  • Directed by: Alberto Ferrari
  • Produced by: TAODUE FILM per RTI
  • Cast: Ricky Memphis, Daniele Pecci, Christiane Filangieri, Micaela Ramazzotti, Patrizio Pelizzi, Clemente Pernarella, Antonio Manzini, Enrico Silvestrin, Diego Verdegiglio
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 6x100'
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