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Films/Cecchi Gori

  • Genre: Thriller, Drama
  • Total episodes: 1x108'
  • Original title: PURA FORMALITA' (UNA) (DI G. TORNATORE)
  • Year: 1994


A man is running through the woods during a violent storm. He is Onoff (GERARD DEPARDIEU). Completely covered ín mud, he is taken to a dingy and dirty Police Station where he declares that he is the famous writer Onoff.
The Inspector (ROMAN POLANSKI), does not believe a word of what he says and snears at him while he tell his tale. How can this man with a smashed in face be the famous Onoff, sublime author of his most beloved novels. And why does he suffer from partial amnesia? Could he be the man they are looking for? The person responsible for the murder committed near Onoff’s home?

The mystery will be solved only at dawn and will be an incredible revelation for Onoff.

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Additional info

  • Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Produced by: Mario Cecchi Gori e Vittorio Cecchi Gori per Cecchi Gori Group - Tiger Cinematografica - Film Par
  • Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Roman Polanski, Sergio Rubini
  • HD: No
  • Awards:

    1995 David di Donatello award (Best Screenplay)

Available languages:

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