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Mini Series

  • Genre: Drama, Police
  • Total episodes: 2x100'
  • Original title: AVVOCATO GUERRIERI
  • Year: 2004


An engaging story, set in Puglia, which tells of the professional and private ups and downs of a lawyer, Guido Guerrieri, a multi-faceted and winning individual, who finds himself dealing with a case which at first sight seems impossible.
Guerrieri is not a hero, but an ordinary man, at grips with his existential and professional crossroads: he appears to be a mix of courage and cowardice, irony and pessimism. While he tries to defend his clients, he fights against his anxieties and his weaknesses revealing, in moments of difficulty, extraordinary abilities.
A character therefore who is not infallible and who initially we will get to know in a crucial phase of his life. In the first part of Unwitting witness, Guido is undergoing a profound crisis: his wife has left him and every now and then he is overcome by panic attacks. It will be a legal case which helps him find the strength to react. In fact, he agrees to defend a Senegalese peddler, accused of having kidnapped and killed a small boy. Guido will find himself fighting against a legal system which is not always impartial and full of prejudice.
The search for justice and human respect will be accompanied by a character forming process for our hero: Guido will regain his inner strength, overcome his fears and proceed with the defence of his client with consistency and determination. With time, he will discover that he is also ready for a new love affair. Enthralling courtroom dynamics will therefore alternate with a delicate sentimental adventure involving Guido and his neighbour, Margherita.

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  • Directed by: Alberto Sironi
  • Produced by: RTI, Palomar
  • Cast: Emilio Solfrizzi, Chiara Muti
  • HD: No
  • Note:

    * TOWN LAWYER: EYES SHUT (1x100')

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