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Mini Series

  • Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Family
  • Total episodes: 3x100'
  • Year: 1991


The idyllic world of Anna Stanford Carizzi, a rich and happily married mother, shatters right on the most festive day of the year: Christmas. In a luxurious villa, surrounded by family and friends, all privileged members of the Milanese high society, Anna overhears a phone call between her husband and his lover. It’s a rude awakening for this “princes” who now finds herself part of the nightmare so often associated with upper classes; extra marital affairs, gossip, and back-biting. A new year and a new life! Separated from her husband, Anna decides to work for the family business in Milan, which builds and sells luxury motor boats. Her initiation into the world of business is not easy. Both her father and his partner ignore all suggestions and revolutionary ideas, refusing to accept her as a business equal. But with extra human effort, writing concrete proposals day and night, Anna manages to overcome their initial prejudice. Her private life is revitalized as well when she gives in to her attraction for Sergio Palazzi, a rich industrialist, who’s been courting her for ages. Aside from a romantic involvement, she hopes to learn the rules of “industrial poker”, an indispensable skill if one hopes to survive in these shark filled waters. In fact, she will need all of her business finesse to save the family business from bankruptcy. Her father’s antiquated methods have left the business in a shambles. She tries to intervene and asks Palazzi for advice, when she discovers that it is Palazzi who is about to buy up the controlling interest of the business. She breaks off all relations with the man and vowing revenge, puts her business savvy to good use, manages to get in line of credit and restores controlling interest to the Carizzi family. Anna has reached the zenith of her professional career; the business has regained its prestige and is flourishing. But her private life is anything but tranquil. Her father suffers a heart attack, she is harassed by anonymous phone calls, and one of the warehouses is destroyed in a mysterious fire. Yet Anna manages to persevere and finds emotional support in Paolo, a famous neuro surgeon and close friend of her brother Guido. Anna and Paolo get married and Anna’s life begins to settle down when a tragic irony strikes Guido. He’s suffering from a brain tumour, and despite Paolo’s attempts, he cannot save him. Anna blames Paolo for Guido’s death, leaves him and once again finds herself involved with Sergio Palazzi and life in the fast lane. Desperately confused and embittered, Anna takes to heart her brother’s dying wish to sell off the family business.
Disgusted by the inhumanity of big business and the glitzy world of high society, Anna liberates herself from all these false values, and returns to Paolo, desiring to be none other than a doctor’s wife.

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  • Directed by: GIORGIO CAPITANI
  • Produced by: IMMAGINE & CINEMA SRL
  • HD: No
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