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Alla controra – Ne parliamo lunedì


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Total episodes: 1x100'
  • Original title: Alla controra - Ne parliamo lunedì
  • Year: 1989


Nico runs Motel Nevada with his wife Alba in the countryside. It has everything, just no guests, not even at the gas station run by their employee Giorgio. Deadly bored, the odd couple indulge in erotic games. Nico enlists Marcello, a radio show proprietor full of ideas, to resolve the Motel’s earnings problem. However, Nico pushes the latter to amuse himself with Alba, who plays along. Trouble is Marcello and the insatiable Alba have been getting it on for a while and have a great time inventing new sexual variations. Alba decides to eliminate her husband, but her lover isn’t so keen. Arriving at the Motel to do the deed, he finds Nico dead. Alba believes Marcello has done it, he thinks it was her, both agree though to throw the body down a nearby well. In truth, an unknown trio killed Nico instead of their real target. The diabolic lovers are dumbfounded when the corpse turns up later: the well was not deep enough to cause any real harm. The trio continue their perverse game, although all are busy with other matters: Marcello’s radio station has broadcast a Martian landing near the "Nevada" as witnessed by Giorgio and business is great. Marcello then has another great idea for attracting tourists, mixing the sacred with the profane.

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  • Directed by: LUCIANO ODORISIO
  • HD: No
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