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  • Genre: Reality
  • Total episodes: Pilot
  • Original title: MY DNA
  • Year: 2016


My DNA is a program that helps grown up adopted children to find their biological parents.
The Mentor will be the key figure of the program. He will be all young adults’ spiritual guide, or rather, their confessor and their assistant as they undertake the journey to reconstruct the puzzle of their life.
At the beginning, the protagonist of each episode will give the Mentor a sample of their DNA, which will eventually be compared with that of the potential parent identified at the end of the investigation. Thanks to family and friends revelations, joys, disappointment, fears, doubts and discoveries, the protagonist will eventually be able to point out to the Mentor who his/her biological parents could be. It will then be the Mentor’s job to ask the possible parent(s) to undertake the DNA test and invite them to meet the person who is looking for them.
Only at the very end of the program, viewers will find out if the biological parents have been found.

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  • Produced by: Vivi la Vita
  • HD: No
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Also available as FORMAT

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