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MR BROWN English Course


  • Genre: Tutorial, Comedy
  • Seasons: 2
  • Total episodes: 40x12'
  • Original title: MR BROWN ENGLISH COURSE
  • Year: 2015


Mr Brown English Course is a real English course… But comical!
Mr Brown is the classic English teacher that you see depicted in textbooks around the world, but with a difference: he comes out of the books and puts the lessons into practice at the expense of hapless bystanders who find themselves protagonists of an hilarious candid camera.
An English course in which each lesson is a candid camera, a sketch, game or music video clip in which Mr Brown involves unsuspecting passers-by, turning them into accomplices and victims in absurd and paradoxical situations.
Each episode will be composed of different types of clips:
These clips are designed as real English lessons in which our teacher Mr Brown uses the candid camera gimmick to demonstrate the practical (but humorous) use of some English words. Through ad hoc visual illustrations, understanding and learning of new terms will be quick and easy.
Within these clips, Mr Brown will explain in English "how to do something", but with a comic slant. There are several topics that will be covered: how to woo a woman, how to cook something, how to impress the boss etc...
Within these short clips you will be asked to play along with Mr. Brown.
Ex: “Where is Mr. Brown?”
Within a short time frame you are asked to spot Mr Brown from within a landscape “There he is!”
Videoclips in which, through catchy new songs, new words and constructions are introduced.

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  • Produced by: Andrea Pellizzari
  • HD: No
Available languages:

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Also available as FORMAT

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