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Love Strikes

TV Movies

  • Genre: Sentimental, Family
  • Total episodes: 1x100'
  • Original title: Colpo di fulmine (di R.Malenotti)
  • Year: 2010


Maya Escobar (Lola Ponche) is a beautiful young Argentine women who leaves Buenos Aires and moves to Roma to take part in a talent show and thus realise her dream of becoming a singer.
In Argentina Maya leaves her father, Fernando, who feels betrayed by the departure of his only daughter and is still suffering greatly over the death of his wife, Ramona, who had Italian roots.
In Rome, guest of an old friend of her mother’s, Maya soon meets her great love, Leonardo Duprè (Roberto Farnesi), one of the organisers of the talent show the girl is taking part in.
The path to becoming a singer is littered with sacrifices and obstacles, but Maya is a tenacious girl and never gives up, throwing herself completely into a task, even when she decides to discover her real origins: although he brought her up as though she were really his daughter, Fernando married Ramona when she was already pregnant by a mystery Roman lover.
Maya thus finds herself forced to divide her determination between succeeding as a singer, in competition with the other fired-up participants in the talent show, and the search for her real father… until all the clues seem to lead to the family of Leonardo, who, in reality, is a scion of Roman high society and who will find himself forced to give up everything in order to bring a little happiness to our lovely heroine.
Just when everything seems lost, an unexpected turn of events allows Maya and Leonardo to get back together and thus love can, finally, triumph.

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  • Directed by: ROBERTO MALENOTTI
  • Produced by: DAP ITALY SRL
  • HD: Yes
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