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Kissed by Love


  • Genre: Family, Sentimental
  • Total episodes: 12x50'
  • Original title: Baciati dall'amore
  • Year: 2010


In a sunny and chaotic Naples, florist Carlo Gambardella and biologist Valentina Trevisol meet one day by chance. He is the single father of five children, struggling every day with his cumbersome family, his quarrelsome parents Gaetano and Concetta and his younger brother. Valentina’s life on the contrary is quieter. She’s the daughter of a strict magistrate engaged in a difficult trial against the dangerous mafioso Tano Bambardella, and she is also about to marry lawyer Tommaso. Everything changes when Carlo and Valentina meet at the seaside, and when a strange case of mistaken identity puts Gaetano Gambardella in prison instead of boss Tano …

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  • Directed by: CLAUDIO NORZIA
  • Produced by: DAP ITALY
  • HD: Yes
  • Other Version: 6x100'
Available languages:
All seasons

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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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