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Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin


  • Genre: Documentary
  • Total episodes: 1x114'
  • Original title: Nella terra dei Mujaheddin
  • Year: 2001


Jung means war in the Dari language. It is a word laden with meaning for the Afghan people. The war has shaped their day-to-day living, becoming a brutal normality, even mistaken for the essence of life itself. Jung is a narrative documentary which follows the human and professional adventure of its protagonists. A war surgeon has an important project: To set up an emergency hospital for civilian war victims. He is accompanied by an old war correspondent who has been reporting from Afghanistan ever since the Soviet invasion. The first act is the survey mission carried out in February 1999. The city of Charikar is chosen as the designated site for the construction of the hospital. But in July 1999 a sudden Taliban attack forces the Mujaheddin army and the civil population to a desperate escape. An emergency site is found in the village of Anobah, in the Panshir Valley. The third act of the account (February-May 2000) bears witness to the life of the hospital with its daily tragedies, ...

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  • Directed by: Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Alberto Vendemmiati
  • Produced by: VERVE MEDIA COMPANY S.R.L.
  • Cast: Gino Strada, Ettore Mo, Kate Rowlands
  • HD: No
  • Note:

    Also Available Pharsi Version

  • Awards:

    FIGRA (Lille 1999) - PREMI Actual (Barcelona 1999) - IDFA (Amsterdam 2000) -HUMAN Right (NY 2000) - VIFF (Vancouver 2001)

Available languages:

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