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  • Genre: Reality, Social Project
  • Original title: JAIL
  • Year: 2013


60 days imprisoned, 200 thousands € at stake.
Two sections: male and female. In each section 5 celebs and 5 social outcasts.
The two groups can meet only in common areas where they can choose recreational and workshop activities.
In each cell 2 contestants: 1 celeb and 1 outcast. They are all subjected to rigorous jail rules.
Jail will change them. Jail will give them a life’s lesson, a daily teaching.
60 days to reflect upon their life, while living new passions, hard feelings, despair and alliances.
They will be observed and spied on.
Every week each participant will make a nomination for the worst one. The audience from home will award the one. Each week the jail warden will award the best prisoner and will assign them prizes and punishments. Nothing is beyond his control.
In the last episode audience from home will award the winner of the final prize.
100.000 € to the most voted by the viewing public among the celebrities
100.000€ to the most voted by the viewing public among the social pariahs.
The celebrity winner, making treasure of his experience, will decide who, among the social outcast, deserves his/her money.

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  • Produced by: Vivi la Vita
  • HD: No
  • Note:

    A reality like no other.
    A reality without elimination
    20 contestants
    10 celebs and 10 persons on the border of our society
    Two opposite worlds. Lives on the crest of the wave
    Arrives a moment in which you have to taste yourself

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Also available as FORMAT

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