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Soaps & Novelas

  • Genre: Drama
  • Total episodes: 100x45' (on air)
  • Original title: CASA DE MUÑECOS
  • Year: 2019


The Falco sisters – four women in their thirties and forties – find out their mother has left their father after more than fifty years of marriage. This reality causes them to question the stability of their own lives and relationships. Following their mother’s example, each woman sets out on her own self-discovery, which could mean for them a complete change of reality and identity.
Leonor considers leaving her loyal husband when she crosses paths with an old flame. The competitive workaholic Monica loses her family due to stress and anxiety, and finds out her perfect husband has been cheating on her with a familiar individual. Isabella, who numbs her worries with pills and alcohol, reconsiders her role as a perfect house wife, and finds out a deep secret affecting her husband. And Alejandra realizes her true love is not any of her three exes, but rather the man with whom she now has a secret, and impossible, affair. Meanwhile, their mother Nora hides the secret of her transformation— a degenerative disease. This sickness, while debilitating, brings her closer to her husband, in a very different way

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  • Directed by: Patricio González, Claudio López de Lérida
  • Produced by: Mega
  • Cast: Nona Fernández, Marcelo Leonart, Ximena Carrera, Larissa Contreras
  • HD: Yes
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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