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  • Genre: Talent
  • Original title: I LOVE DANCE
  • Year: 2013


A group of contestants, sharing the passion for dance, compete in a series of dance performances in order to win the title of “I Love Dance”. Eight amateur dancers must learn five different dance routines prepared by a famous choreograph. Each contestant is isolated in a special room with a monitor and a dvd player and has 24 hours to learn all the steps of the choreographies, without seeing each other. Later, in the studio, each contestant will perform into their “Dance Box” where they’ll be judged. The jury is form by a famous choreographer, a DJ and the Avatars out of the eight corresponding to each contestant that will judge the performance of its own contestant. Each Avatar is connected with special sensors to its contestant, and will make every movements, and of course every mistake that will be highlighted during the performance. At the end, the Avatar will judge its contestant’s performance and the contestants with less mistakes will pass to the next round.

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  • Produced by: Vivi la Vita
  • HD: No
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Also available as FORMAT

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