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Human Factor


  • Genre: Hidden Camera Show
  • Total episodes: 59x23'
  • Original title: Fattore Umano
  • Year: 2015


HUMAN FACTOR is a hidden camera – reality television series in the form of a social experiment.
The format is anthropological in nature and utilizes the candid camera to show how people behave in unusual given circumstances.
The hidden cameras follow different actors engaged in a series of social experiments in public places.
The various scenarios relate to altruism, racism, sex, disability, homophobia, mistrust, money, superstition, principles, phobias, prejudice … to name but a few.
The process is that of an overview of the reactions which is followed up by a finale which tracks the outcome of the social experiment and is logged in that particular time and place.
Each social experiment has a very specific objective which will be presented and reported by a narrator.
The program’s frame is in the forefront with progressive graphic and editing techniques of post production for a young target.

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  • Directed by: MICHELE MALLY
  • Produced by: GIORGIO GUERRA
  • HD: No
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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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