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Hawk and the Dove, The


  • Genre: Costume, Drama
  • Total episodes: 12x50'
  • Original title: IL FALCO E LA COLOMBA
  • Year: 2009


Inspired by Stendhal’s novella “The Abbess Of Castro", The Hawk And The Dove tells the romantic and tormented tale of two young people of very different origins. Elena Campireali is an innocent and delicate young girl from a wealthy family. Giulio Branciforte is the orphaned son of brigands who has become a captain in the service of Cardinal Pompeo Colonna, who, in turn, is the sworn enemy of the Campireali. Giulio and Elena could not be more different: because of their wealth, the rivalry between their respective social classes, and their opposing destinies that seem to be already written.
And yet they fall in love.
But their love is destined to challenge social conventions and political opportunism.
Unwittingly, the two find themselves at the heart of the process that will decide the fate of all Europe: since both the French and the Spanish are aiming to place the Papal States under their control...

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  • Directed by: GIORGIO SERAFINI
  • Produced by: DAP ITALY
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 6x100'
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All seasons

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