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Great Love Story (A)

Mini Series

  • Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Family
  • Total episodes: 2x100'
  • Original title: Grande Storia d'Amore (Una)
  • Year: 1987


“A Great Sove Story” begins with the decision of Paola, whom is in her twenties, to live alone and emancipate herself from the protection of her friend Nadia that lives in Rome. Paola depends on Nadia for everything, including her work in photography. She started photography after she studied at the “University of Art.” This decision coincided with the desire of Nadia to be alone for a while, to immerse herself in the drawing of her first challenging book, a comedy. Pushed from a friend, Paola accepts to accompany David, which is Nadia’s ex-boyfriend and the director of photographic novels in the same agency, in a brief transfer to Morocco. In Morocco they must choose and photograph the backgrounds for their adventures of their hero’s in their novels. At Fiumicino Airport, at the point of embarking for their flight, the two recognize the actress Vanessa and her younger lover Manuel, both of which are also in departure. David and Paola look at Vanessa and Manuel while they are arguing, but they do not see David and Paola looking at them. One evening, David leaves Paola to go to a party with some friends. While at the party, David collapses from a drug overdose. Nicola, a friend of David, tells Paola the news. Nicola helps Paola through this time and convinces her that she should begin her photography service on her own. While working on her photography service, Paola casually comes across Manuel. Manuel is a geologist that is commissioned by and international agency to work in Morocco. The two of them frequently meet one another and start a passionate relationship, but it is destined to be interrupted by the sudden departure of Manuel at the end of his work. Returning to Italy, Paola is expecting a baby…

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  • Directed by: DUCCIO TESSARI
  • HD: No
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