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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Total episodes: 12x50'
  • Original title: Amiche Mie
  • Year: 2008


Four portraits of contemporary women aged between 35 and 40, getting to grips with the most classic of problems: men.
Set against the backdrop of a dynamic and trendy Milan, this sparkling series tells the story of four friends who, for different reasons, find themselves single and making friendship their strong edge. They discover that, for a woman, turning 40 is a starting point and not a finishing line, a conquest of freedom that can be lived with greater strength and awareness. Francesca, Anna, Grazia and Marta want to play the game, facing the fear, the prejudice, the difficulties, but also living to the fullest. They strive for the excitement and happiness of a life that seems every day to be more like the one they have always dreamt of. Whatever it takes, they have the certainty of being able to count on each other.
The four friends’ adventures revolve around Doctor G., a well-known gynaecologist/sexologist, and for our protagonists the incarnation of the perfect man. He offers his male perspective on of all their female sentimental problems.

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  • Directed by: Genovese e Miniero
  • Produced by: Mediavivere
  • Cast: Margherita Buy, Elena Sofia Ricci, Luisa Ranieri, Cecilia Dazzi
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 6x100'
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All seasons

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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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