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Caro Michele


  • Genre: Drama
  • Total episodes: 1x115'
  • Original title: Caro Michele (di Mario Monicelli)
  • Year: 1976


Adriana, lives alone on the outskirts of Rome, alongside twin daughters, every now and then visited by the daughters Angelica and Viola, The sudden death of her husband from whom she is separated fails to make her forget Michele, an exile in London after the 1968 student riots, who corresponds regularly with Adriana, with the sisters and even with a “special” friend who is also married. Another individual much alive in the memories of Michele is Mara, who has a child which she claims is his but may be the result of other casual affairs. Mara bursts into the world of Michele’s family and friends; then briefly she joins up with an editor Colarosa; causes chaos in the family of a friend, Ricciolona; and then roams back north after Michele is killed during a youth rising in Bruges

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  • Directed by: MARIO MONICELLI
  • HD: No
  • Awards:

    DAVID (M. Melato)

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