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Beyond the Law


  • Genre: Western, Thriller, Family
  • Seasons: 1
  • Total episodes: 1
  • Original title: Beyond the Law
  • Year: 1967


Cudlip, a tramp who roams the West together with a Negro and a strange preacher holds up a diligence, skilfully seizing the pay of the Silver Canyon workers. By chance he meets Novak, the youngster who was to deliver the pay and instinctively finds himself liking the inexperienced boy. Later he becomes indebted to him after Novak saves him during a bar room brawl. Before long more money arrives for the miners and the trio decide another hold up, but before they can pull it off the diligence is attacked by bandits and the three help to ward off the attack. Cudlip is then appointed Sheriff of Silver Canyon. When a load of silver from the mine is ready to be shipped, and the bandits mount a bloody attack, Novak, Cudlip and friends manage to see the outlaws off but the Negro and preacher want the silver. Novak sets himself against the two saying he will defend it with his life. Cudlip is forced to choose between his old cronies and his new friend: once again he will choose the side of the law.

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  • Directed by: GIORGIO STEGANI
  • HD: No
  • Other Version: 1x95
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