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Bellifreschi (Hot N, Cool)


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Total episodes: 1x90'
  • Original title: Bellifreschi
  • Year: 1987


Two comic actors Tom and Jerry are wanted by the US police for having shot an American star. The hunt is on: in order to avoid the police they dress up as women, travel around and generally cause mayhem. Two hitchhikers, Barbara and Conchita, in search of work join the pair; Tom likes Barbara but unfortunately he is harassed by the advances of Frank Santamaria, a rich old queer. The two pass several days in his villa and then, fed up of risks, misunderstandings and fear, decide to give themselves up. During the reconstruction of the original shooting they risk real havoc and flee once again. Ten years later and after a long separation, Jerry meets Tom, who having married Santamaria, now dead, lives with Barbara and their five children. Tom is in mourning, but still dressed as a woman, the "widow" faithful to the memory of Santamaria, who left him his villa and a lot of dollars.

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  • Directed by: ENRICO OLDOINI
  • HD: No
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