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Armiamoci e partite!


  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Total episodes: 1x100
  • Original title: Armiamoci e partite!
  • Year: 1971


In 1914, Franco and Ciccio, two Sicilian immigrants in France working as waiters, having finally obtained citizenship, are called to arms following the outbreak of war. Following the first unsuccessful operation, they convince themselves that they have unwittingly killed the English General Mac Master, who really is only cataleptic following the attempt by a female spy, Lilì Fleurette, to hand him over to the Germans. Having decided to stage the death of the General in action, Ciccio and Franco take the body to the front line, thus unwittingly foiling the plans of the spy to kidnap Mac Master. When the General comes round, he hurls himself at the two friends, already having reason to be irritated with them in the past, forcing them to flee towards the German front. Having mistaken the gesture for a sign to attack, Mac Master is followed by the French troops thus obtaining a clamorous victory. While Ciccio and Franco, having been pardoned, toast the success with the General, Lilì is once again about her business: Mac Master again risks becoming the target of the spy’s "cures".

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  • Directed by: NANDO CICERO
  • HD: No
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