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Anatra all’arancia, L’


  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Total episodes: 1x110'
  • Original title: Anatra all'arancia, L'
  • Year: 1975


A rich and fast husband and wife, who for the last 10 years have lived together without scorning easy affairs, are successfully hit upon by a young and distinguished foreigner who takes a fancy to the wife. She plays along so as to get even with her husband’s affairs and, basically, because she is jealous. The husband, via skirmishes, intrigues, flattery and traps – during a foursome – manages to instil doubts in the mind of the lover, concerning his wife’s past. Thus quarrels and reconciliations ensue. The adulterers, after hesitation and rows, decide to depart anyway, but no sooner have they embarked an off-shore speedboat, the wife, who is still attracted to her husband, flees and swims back to her spouse who has followed her. But how long will this re-found union last?

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  • Directed by: LUCIANO SALCE
  • HD: No
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