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The Store of my Life


  • Genre: Candid Camera, Sketch Comedy
  • Total episodes: 25x3'
  • Original title: The Store of My Life
  • Year: 2015


How many times have we wished to drop everything and totally change our life?
But what if we were to find our very own Eden – a place that makes us feel really fulfilled?
That’s what happens to the protagonist of our series, whose big passion for technology, makes him decide to move and live in a household appliances department store. Today our man has become one with the department store. He never goes out and has completely acclimatized himself to his surroundings. Like Tom Hanks in the movie “The Terminal”, he has learned to make use of what the store offers and make a satisfying life for himself.
Initially, he hides from the security guards in order to spend the night inside the store. But by now, the management and employees see him as 'one of the family', a sort of mascot.
He lives right near to the restrooms, in what he refers to as 'my loft': that is to say, 60 square meters of makeshift 'walls', which are held together by adhesive tape fixed to the ground.
He can be seen eating a fish soup in the cooking range department, or having a barbecue in the bbq area, or even taking a breath of fresh air in the air conditioner department. But his real passion is having an aperitif in the checkout area, where he likes to see the comings and goings and, above all, he likes Lory, one of the cashiers.
Sometimes someone asks him why he never goes outside and he always answers: “Are you kidding me? What if there's another special offer? What if I miss it?
Our protagonist is happy in the store; if he had his own way, he'd have even less to do with the outside world … but, alas, there are just some things which aren't available in the store: groceries, clothes, shoes, medicines, orthopedic advice, etc … But there's a solution to this problem: an abundance of customers whom he ropes into absurd situations in order to get hold of goods or other basic necessities (candid camera).
Meanwhile, his wife has been waiting for him in the parking lot … for 3 years!
She is waiting for him, in the car. Her dress is now shabby, her hair disheveled … Sometimes she calls her husband on the cellphone or via Skype, or sometimes she appears on the store's TVs.
The show's running gag is always the same: “Honey, come home !”

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  • Cast: Alberto Farina e Debora Villa
  • HD: No
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