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Code Name SOLO

Mini Series

  • Genre: Action, Crime, Mafia
  • Total episodes: 4x100'
  • Original title: SOLO
  • Year: 2016


A police miniseries of 4 eps of 100’ located between Roma and the region of Calabria.
Marco, code name “Solo”, an undercover cop, has the opportunity to infiltrate and become part of an “ndrangheta” family.
After having saved the life of Bruno Corona, son of the powerful Calabrian boss, in a gun shooting, he is invited to become his right arm and move to Calabria.
Two cops will follow him to Gioia Tauro to protect him in his dangerous mission: one is Barbara, his girlfriend, who has the task of spying his daily movements.
Solo must uncover the biggest drug traffic that transits from Turkey to the Port of Gioia Tauro, a crucial hub for illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean area, before reaching the USA.
His biggest challenge is gaining the trust of the family and for this he must overcome a series of obstacles risking his own life, his values and his beloved ones.
Bruno’s friendship, a ruthless man who aspires becoming the new boss of the clan, is not enough.
In Calabria, Marco saves the life of the great old boss, Bruno’s father, and this is only the first step. To prove his loyalty he will be involved in an endless spiral of violence from which it will be difficult to return.
In a world of cruelty the only innocent and subdued victim is Agata, the twenty-year old daughter of the old boss, who refuses to follow the family rules. Agata falls in love with Solo, seeing him as different from all the other men that surround her.
When asked to marry Agata, Marco cannot refuse in order not to jeopardize his mission. This is the only way he can truly discover the secrets of the Corona family.
His relationship with Barbara is in put to the test : exactly when he is getting married, she finds out she is pregnant.
What is he willing to loose to accomplish his mission? How many crimes can one commit to make justice prevail?

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Additional info

  • Directed by: MICHELE ALHAIQUE
  • Produced by: TAODUE SRL
  • HD: Yes
  • Other Version: 4x100'
Available languages:

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Also available as SCRIPTED FORMAT

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