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Tv movies: Desert of fire

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Title: Desert of fire
Year: 1997
Directed by: Enzo G. Castellari
Length: 1x175
Total episodes: 1
Genre: Action

Produced by:



Anthony Delon
Mandala Tayde
Virna Lisi
Fabio Testi
Vittorio Gassman
Franco Nero

Notes: Also available Mini Series 2x100 and 3x100

Synopsis: An airplane crash in the Sahara desert leaves all passengers dead except for one little boy, Rene (Anthony Delon). The child is foud be the Emir Tafud (Giuliano Gemma) and his wife Leila (Claudia Cardinale). The couple adopt the boy and call him Ben. They raise him as their own son together with their daughter Amina (Mandala Tayde).
Twenty years go by and the children grow up without knowing that they are not really blood relations. However, an old woman reveals the truth to Ben and taken completely by shock and surprise, he abandons his kingdom to discover his true roots.
He embarks on a difficult journey which takes him to France where he finally meets his natural mother, Christine Duvivier.
His mother is now owner of the company which was founded by his father, Marcel and she now re-married to a tough business man by the name of Francois Legrant, a once friend and partner of Marcel.
In Europe, Ben meets Magda, a beautiful young girl who falls in love with him. Various events and twists in the story bring Ben back to the land of Betlem. He intends to find out the truth behind his fatherís death and take his place as Prince of the Desert.